For Aimee Mullins

You gave me a chance to see a world anew
and once again make me wonder
why I keep putting off my iron man

I think I'll volunteer

the chrome spiders come
they will cover me
I will let them

for that is now my plan

I will fall apart
they will cut into my mind
mesh into my nerves
and bring me online

I will trade this body
for augmentation

A decision made in part by the simple beauty of truth
and the truth of you
as in all species
a dream of man
who bore the gentle light of a woman
and just
in the nick of time

you are the black meme
that guides me

I write in simple form

First of you
and your simple form
Your legs with tassles
and wood
and kevlar

my personal favorite

I write
by a pen without form
on a page without ink


in part to meditate
in part to understand
but mostly to appreciate


Some TEDtalk
but Aimee
you walk the walk

And that moment you called for
was so short and real and cute
it made me realize beauty can be so simple and sweet and true

I had puppy dog eyes

It was all I could do
to keep my head from exploding

into candy