The Big Myth

This work here, which was done by a young mother - part of the reason why I am pro birth. She was lucky enough to be living in the netherlands at the time and simply had the child. Good, inexpensive health care, even day care and a strong support network for the mother - helped make this project a reality... would you like to see something someone did, while they were bringing their child into the world?

The Big Myth - Stories of Creation from All Cultures

I was almost the first person in the US to see it and I posted it on my old website (athena) and proved it could be hosted via the web. The original idea was to send it out on CD's. Enjoy! you will love it! This is of course, the limited version. (but again, those who also met me in Second Life know thats the only version of me you get there, anyway too..) You will have to pay to get the full version. Do it! It will five dollars or so, money well spent. Kids or no!

Now, just an aside about the subtext of this post. The advice you give someone regarding whether or not to carry a child to term could be the most important advice you will ever give. I am a male, and I am hard coded to want to care for lady or to keep her safe and sound. This is natural for me. Bjork I think has been exploring the taboos of feminism this year because just being feminist is only part of the picture. A new mother is helpless. And a man will help her. This is fundamental. We do not take away the idea that men will provide for the family. Because they will , one way or another. When the time comes, all I ask is. Just listen. Be like a piece of frozen rain in the sky. You can help.

Full Disclosure: I am a member of Abortion Ends, I am not a religious zealot. We believe in helping mothers. We try to do the right thing. We are not political. And neither is your value system. It is important to you. Keep it. And just give good advice to your friends. It can go either way, we understand. Just be there for them. Churches and religious zealots are not always best. And certainly not politics.. like the Dalai Lama says - Love and Cooking are two things that should be done with complete abandon. :)

And to my friend - and your little one. I hope we run into each other again. The work we did that year in 2004, was very good - the silly season will be upon us soon. I am glad to have met you. And your wonderful parents. Paola Antonelli yesterday and her 'Humble Masterpieces' talk, in SL brought you and your family back to my mind. Your father would have loved to have been there. In Second Life, I am Turner Singh. Look me up. I will send a mail when I am done with the other program we are selling to the schools and we can bundle, perhaps. They try so much to avoid teaching religion that sometimes they bankrupt our children. But it seems to me these myths are the basis of all culture. Why keep them from being taught?

Again, if you see this work - at least for me, the Big Myth keeps you humble. Please enjoy. :)