You Thought I Was Kidding..?

why would I kid about something as important as the fact that life in the universe is, probably ubiquitous? two trees intertwined.


the way all three of these last posts are tied together is that the easiest way to get rid of something in an energy driven network is to make it easy to scavenge. And the easiest way to do that is to let it be scavenged. so you start up an autopietic process for announcing it.

big blue figured it out ; this process they're using to substrate are done by letting the little nanobots drop into a least energy configuration that gives something up.

Its called a quine.
equine. Oh, if you could spot the prey animal in this picture..

Now, what I want to know is .. how does Kolkata sex kiss get linked to this video in the related items.
Oh by the way, the last lines of the film AI also come to mind. sorry to use the comments to keep notes.

Space weaver.