The Great Gig in the Sky - Minesweeper

Pink Floyd, The Great Gig in the Sky -

    Male voice (intro):
    And I am not frightened of dying, any time will do I don’t mind. Why should I be frightened of dying? There’s no reason for it, you’ve gotta go sometime.
    (vocal solo) *improvised
    Female voice (reprise):
    I never said I was frightened of dying.

I so loved listening to this song while doing minesweeper. I finally solved it too. Secret: learn to play the patterns well, don't take chances if you can at all help it. And finally, as it gets hairy - down toward the end, take a screenshot of the minefield and go off-line and look at the patterns to see where a solid move can be played. In general, it should work out to being careful at the last 30 mines because the bottom line for this game is that at the last 30 mines, you either have a configuration where you have to guess, or you don't. Its a bit like the weather. Hydrocarbons influence it and man has changed the weather patterns interminably. But in the end, the weather will go where it wants to go and if you have a pattern that you can control, win it, and if you don't, then go out and hit the square and if you blow up. Then you die. We all have to go sometime. there are other things that are said, but I was too busy sweeping mines to hear them. I think it might be fun to find out what they are..


Looks complicated, as I would expect. But then so is your brain & your thinking. Might be the one thing I can't resist...
this was my fun thing I did when I wait for the build or was off line when the T1 went down.

I am now pretty good at it. I can solve intro level in like, 17 seconds (best time) and 25 seconds ave.

Intermediate, no brainer. like 3 minutes.

The expert level is rough. Frustrating.

Hey Lady Sheridanne, thanks for the personal advice too this week. I am taking it to heart.

Take care.
You are welcome. A wise man listens to his advisors....but he ALWAYS chooses his advisors with ultimate care & precision. What a joy to think you listen to me!

/me smiles