Colors Changing Hue ..


Mother Teresa was friends of my father in law and my best friend worked for her for five years.

I remember so well what they told me she said. She said. the greatest poverty is loneliness.

She said , and you know what? I am not cutting and pasting her words here.

she said that we are all small, and after our work is done we will disappear.

when you do good, do it quietly. as if throwing a stone in the sea.

do you like this clip?
Yes, I love this clip, it reminds me of how small my heart is. LS knows she has disappointed you badly in thinking somehow if she just obeyed another for a brief moment she could help to make it all better all alone. Now she knows she is far too weak without you by her side.
lord its not about obeying people. its not even close.

I really do have to tell you the story of that sunday. Don't worry about it !!

lets just try to play sometime together. Me, you and Katrina.
If you do not like the magic four letter word I use do not use that last seven-letter name with me either. There is evil.