The Technology Review (MIT)

Awesome. This is my new favorite magazine. Its got everything. I love it to death. Read this magazine. Get a copy on your way home.

This latest re-design of the magazine really hits on all cylinders. I usually get magazine subscriptions as perks. But this one, I will never want to do without. For this magazine I will make an exception. I am going to subscribe.

They even have cool fiction by a new writer (Australian). When was the last time you read a really good short story? I mean, what.. The Saturday Evening Post? The New Yorker? Don't let the fact that it is published by MIT shake you. After all, MIT +is+ the Georgia Tech of the North.

Didn't you once have someone overpressure your tires and then have you claim that helium was the secret to your new mpg? Then when the tire pressure dropped it was back to the old MPG, right? Come on if you can do that you can pick up a copy of a magazine. You're a geek, right. Go, get a copy of this thing. Now.

You're still here?


CondoBlogger said…
I'm a dedicated WIRED reader... this sounds like an awesome counterpart. Thanks for the tip.