The Realities of Sexuality on the Internet

Violet Blue is a good writer on net sex. All nonfiction. She's a sex educator, worked in the field in San Fran when I lived there. She works for

Good sex and bad sex is part of navigating your life as an adult. It is also a big part of our survival as a race (doh!) in particular, our resistance to disease, and our mutation capability. Have you ever considered the fact that the dominant life form on the planet are virii and bacterium, they reproducing right now on your desktop. In fact, by the time you are reading this some of them will become grandmothers. Margaret Atwood wrote a really great dystopian novel called "Oryx and Crake" about how this kind of mutation can really level off our species.

The net is useful for alot of different things. Its a point in our evolution, I think. I think of it, alot of times in terms of protocol and content. Violet talks alot about just content, but thats ok. She's taking a more focussed approach. She says that sexuality and pornography has been held to special interests and distribution interests for a long time. The internet gives the ability of people to be able to look for what they want. It levels the field. I agree.

I am just saying, you know, here we are reproducing once every twenty years, and we have this life form that is reproducing once every twenty minutes? Accurate, non biased, simple views of sexuality, partnership and community and interaction are rare. I think an idea that hasn't been explored is the idea that maybe its also universal. I am also looking at epigenomic influences.

In the film "The Fountain" , there is a point where the doctor asks the molecular biologist to make a compound with the visual image that there are two lovers coupled together. This compound was visualized first when the doctor looked up through the ceiling light and saw an image. A pattern. This was an outsider viewpoint that hit him hard, and he was able to follow it. I imagine that most of the universe communicates like this = the important things , like comets hitting the planet = are easy to notice. Its power exchange in most senses of the word. Or maybe you haven't realized by now that if there were no death, there would eventually be no need for sex.

Data mining craigslist - as Violet said, yields alot of stuff you would expect - the quick blowjob the businessmen are looking for, in the hotel district , etc. are there. But she also started to unearth taxonomy that people use to unearth and search. So the role of search here is useful , as is language. That specialized language allows people to communicate with each other across high noise environments. There is nothing noisier than spam. Check your inbox. I know you're going to expect me to say how this is sort of a kind of prosody. It isn't , but the function is the same. Acronyms, anyone?

Not getting it right, can be expensive. Google adsense words - self identification terms can be put in the wrong bucket. This will cost you money, as a site developer. And it will cost you a potential mate if you do it in your ad. Violet thinks that the importance of unbiased results, can mean the difference between nonbiased, accurate information delivery and higher STD and abortion rates. I agree. So there you have it. A reconciliation of the Catholic perspective, and Violet Blue. >:)

Check out this talk, its pretty cool.

PS. - Have you ever heard of the Craigslist Experiment? Timeseek Violets Google Tech Talk (its long, about 40 min) to 19:10. The original ad in this experiment, was a female submissive asking for a male dominant to find her.

Just the idea here. In as environmentally friendly, colorless fashion as possible. Talk to me. :)


Thanks. The topic is closing on one I am presently working on. Is this great minds again....hummm.