I utterly reject
all red light
I hereby throw the red spectral line
into the world
I pull into myself two different colors
the one your eye is sensitive to
the one you allow
and the other
the color
that they think we all are
from afar
yellow and blue makes green
this is not a fashion statement
its a death wish

the priest told me I could not marry, over and over
earning the right to my silence
I did anyway
put that in your pipe and smoke it
love won, in the end, over catechism
even if christ did not win against his own church
in his lifetime

blood on the ground
waged a silent war
that broke the temple at its foundation
I think it was six days
I tell time differently than you
You might need to check
with the holy roman empire
if your watch seems slow
mickey's hand was on one number
I forget where his other hand was
it might have been
up your skirt

When I become one of the fallen
I will first throw a single raindrop
into the air
I will shatter it with my broad shoulders
Like a quarterback throwing himself into
the broken line
for the extra meter of yardage
I would no sooner blame satan
than I would blame Mickey Mouse
for falling off a roller coaster at Walt Disney World
he only thinks about himself
does he bend before he goes?
I know I will. I will table dance to keep from going
I will dance around the burning man
with your hand on my mouth

And after many aeternals..
before there were years
when the storm that brings life
comes like death to my door
like a captain
cutting the sails free in a tempest
will break open wide
and I will spin down into oblivion
I will accept red heat
I hold onto blue
the color your eye can specify
might notice me
people drive by , in the mountains
I don't know if it is out of respect
or because I have become
a modern day laocoon
they say how beautiful we all are
as we stand all around
dying in yellow
where you will understand your star
by its color, barely treading water
in the dark arm of the galaxy
bleeding blue
letting go of life
I will become all colors absorbed
the hive-mind , a cheap middle class of coding
the fair color of the skin of an indian princess
and history will repeat itself

brown girl in the rain
tra la la la la
why can't I get that song out of my head?
there's a brown girl in the rain
tra la la la la la la

flowers will drive their roots through my skin
an existential carousel
their horrific japanese anime
tentacle sex
driving through me in circles
I disintegrate
trying to laugh
my paper thin lungs will tear
drowning in my own blood
the bacterium
in black gowns
make their rounds
binding with briar
my joys and desires
in superstring
- your decision
virgin, make much of time
my little leaves..
once you are eighteen
get whatever you like pierced
but now you are living with me

in the soft darkness, here in the tree looking up at the stars
seeing the flowers below
just before all of this goes down
I don't try to understand who I am
I just quietly ask, sometimes..

Will I
choose the water
over wine?

I am an energy driven network
your movements echo me
I breathe

We tell stories to children
here in halloween
giant beasts whose teeth grind
muzzles like a kraaken
shun the frumious bandersnatch
and stay away from the lower limb
make it to the upper limb of the atmosphere
reach for the sky above
steer clear
of the places in the dark where
four legged beasts walk with tails whisking
Do they listen?
now that they have an internet connection
I remember when I was up with them until four
when I lay with my wife
squeezing their little footies
as they nursed
The filters should hold
let your children learn
to listen to history unfold
and to mistrust the reporter
youth is a time for action
god knows I saw my fair share
this is of course.. the () :-)
second recorded use of a smiley in a major poem

I reach for the sun
like Geller bending spoons

I do not wish to become one of the fallen
too early
I will serve Aule
and sing into existence the ugly darkness
beneath the rotting log
that feeds the ground
and is so irresistible to a dog

oh lord make me perfect
said st. augustine
make me perfect
just not today
catholic that I am
to my anglican wife
takes about a minute and a half to tune up
lets do nothing but the primary rhythm thing
all she wants to know is
whats your day job?
and knowing I will become one of the fallen
looking into her eye, holding her children
I make the quiet decision

I will try for a place in the tree closer to the center
because quietly I know that

After you get tenure
its all firearms
edible panties
and blow


Anonymous said…
My feedback? Here goes.

I tightened it up a bit.
try again.

its not a fashion statement.
its a death wish.

"There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven..." Ecclesiastes 3:1

What time is it?

No time.
No time.
Move down.
Move down
or what time is it?

Why? Just why?
well my view is that trees are the kind of organisms that might measure time differently than us.

Have you ever thought about, measuring time in galactic rotation.
This was even better the second time through it....thank you.

/me smiles
Woof. Tis my pleasure mlady.