A Colorless Green Riddle

five in the morning, ten in midday, and ten at night
from the virgin father, savior of light

Drought and sadness, misery and woe
A hell, warming, for all, your foe

Defeat him well by this tale I tell
and take me, by green from the colorless well
I can't be touched felt or seen
Yet subtracted, great joy I bring

Here begins the tale:
I speak , as one of the Aulindale

So first, the priest
In black gown does bind
The letters of a, t c g and u
what the cow could chew if the z's with you
And cross'd by poison that grows true
Add to this stem, water to wine
Would that which would burn would taste so fine
That salads be served, from gardens of smog?
Road, river, and rail
A special taste, if we do not fail
Dining in the dark

Next the song of sixpence , a pocket would yield
and to the soft earth, in winter, marry
the time when the planet softly breathes
lay down the seed
for summer's earth to feed
Breathing in the light

Fields will grow in pasture blue
tended by shepherds of armor'd hue
I sing this world into being
a single cell in the sea
.. We must be over the rainbow

Yours for the taking
if you have but glimpsed
What now, colorless, I see

And when the flower therein will bloom
A third of the earth, a third of the trees and all the green grass will have burned
And the second trumpet of the eight of john
verse eight to nine will have thus begun
Then verses eight through ten will come to men
And the sea will grow quiet
as the third trumpet's din

This part of the good book's tale
will not give excuse to Israel
This answer comes from but a single man
So dark the con of bran

SL: Turner Singh.


The first prize for guessing the answer to this riddle is 25 million dollars.

I'm not kidding. I'm serious.