Origin of Maia

The word, Maia, or commonly written in alternate phonemic for Maayaa is related to day to day life, comes from two origins linked together by design (visualize, two trees whose branches interlock and roots form a basis, one growing into the other). (now visualize a badge). These are their stories. (play, theme from dragnet)

In the first view, everything you see is always finite. There is the knower, and the known; the knower is the object, the known is the subject. The subject has the capacity to be infinite or at the least, infinitely frisky. The subject must break free from the bondage of the circle of the object. Again, this sort of reminds me of this girl named.. ahem.. where was I .. So.. everything with a name and a form has a beginning and an end; the only thing that remains is Brahm - the ultimate reality. The phenomenal world has no real existence. So in this scheme, attachments to external objects, animate and inanimate, are known as Maia. (Maayaa) - the sum total of space, time and causation.

So in the other view, the universe is sustained by a balance between the opposites. Good and evil, happiness and misery, pain and pleasure, life and death, and so on. Each component of these pairs of opposites has no meaning without the other, according to traditional interpretation. These are all relative concepts. But everyone wants only one.

We are all running after something, be it wealth, fame, power,withou tralizing that they are all unreal and fleeting. They all end with death if not earlier. We cling to these worldly objects considering them to be our possessions. This is what Maia is all about - it is all around us, we live in it, there is no way to get rid of it. Thus the vendantic saying .. "The world is Maia". We can get out of it only by knowing its real nature. The knower is not bound by it any more. He lives in the world and yet is beyond Maiar. This doctrine of non attachment is expounded further in the war poem the Bhagahavad Gita.

So there is this day to day view (its actually kind of surprising to me that day to day life has so much to do with a war poem, but there you go.) and the other sort of philosophical view. This comes from the writings of Shankaraacharya , and Buddha , respectively. When Buddha kept his day job. Or something. So there you go. Origin, of origin. Cosmic. You can't eat just one ..

Not really sure if they are both the same exact size or shape , you know... thats kind of analysis paralysis if you ask me.. now that I think of it.. both very very beautiful. Especially in that dress. >:)

Today's a neat day. Today the demon Asura is on earth and powerful. The gods are fashioning a weapon that will arrive on earth, wielded by Durga (who is actually an incarnation of Kali, the goddess of fate and time, and one other who is a more motherly godess - all three wed to shiva) - who is a goddess of strength, will enter into the world. The rituals today place the call to durga to arrive, and one thing you have to get used to is that the dates change each year. But, if she is to come to Earth..

I am pretty sure she has to pass through Hartsfield to get here.