Rain in the Desert

The ground cannot hold
the wind driven rain
all living things
take shelter from stream
and storm

Predator dreams of the sun
prey schadenfreude
the delight of quiet armageddon
mother nature delivers
lightning plays across the canyon
like an indian raga
lighting their den
like watercolor moonlight
across fur on fur
skin on skin
safe and warm
above the raging water

All the world is darkness
the wind howls
and stronger now it tears its way
through the sand
vade mecum
blasting rock and mesa and joshua tree
sweeping the desert clean
bound for the rio grande
and lit on to the sea

And the next day, alone
the flowers will bloom
the bees will cover themselves in pollen
and the colors will come
in reds and whites and yellow and green

The sun will return
and burn away
every living thing
prey will come out of hiding
eyes bright
by dull desire
the predator to arrive
who waits for the white of the eye
while all around them, the solar wind
blows the colors
to desert floor
falling with bright milkweed and pollen
weightless in the still afternoon sun
like tears
in rain


...and then all hope dies....all hope dies....all hope dies....all hope dies....all hope dies....happy now?
I am usually pretty happy.
um. did you like it?