Falling in Love..

So falling in love is just like falling. Wow. The sensations of fallling in love are processed uniquely in the brain. This won't explain your feelings about the picture above, but it will give you some insight into why you feel the way you do when you're falling in love. From the article..
"The sensation you're feeling is probably associated with decreased activity in the brain region that senses our bodies' location in the physical world."

In particular, the article reports that the sensations of falling in love, and the feeling of dislocation or being lost - are being processed similiarly. It does so in an easygoing style, this isn't a hardcore scientific article. The reason I think this is cool is that the center that handles language, particularly new language acquisition, and the area of the mind that can work with being lost and trying to guide you home, are both areas in which new neural growth occurs if they are strengthened or asked to do work. Which is why learning a language , can actually bring out new memories. I wonder if falling in love, actually heals us or helps us in a similiar way.

And if it works for one, does it work for more than one? Wow. Thats another matter altogether. I am perfectly ok with polyamory, for example, I am certain however that polyamory is something you'd better do the right way or not at all . I have heard an old indian story about a guy who was cheating on his wife, and so he told her about it and she said, fine, go and do it. And so he went to the whorehouse and the madame led him into a dark room... and the woman was ready and he was ready and then they turned on the lights and it was his wife.

Wow, I just realized that being drugged, kidnapped and left for dead in Mexico .. feeling completely dislocated and lost... it .. wasn't a practical joke after all. It was love

An interesting dimension to this is the crush - It seems as if the mommy crush - held against a role in life that makes one more servant than sexy has the benefit of making you feel as if you are wanted. This article, I recall, speaks well of it all - that immediate, idealized thing - they say its a good thing. Hell we all have our fantasies. In mine. Girls scream. Things get thrown on stage.

And I ... Ah..just wanted to say... thank you. Thank you very much. if it wasn't so pathetic, it would be funny, wouldn't it..


Anonymous said…
you still don't have a clue about polyamory, do you.