The Fountain

I have started a film called 'The Fountain' and it is one of those films that for me, almost puts me in shock it is so well done. I have learned that over time critical review can only serve as a rough guidepost to whether or not a film is worth watching and although this film has been panned by the critics - it is definitely - at least in my collection - ranking with Satyajit Ray. A vivid, simple exploration of timeless love.

Its hard for me to say precisely why such a film resonates with me so well. Perhaps it is the idea that an enemy can come from within. Or perhaps it is the discovery that there are two trees in the Garden of Eden (I posted about the Maiar, in the Tolkien spectrum of beings - about a week ago, without knowing that there were two trees in the Garden. The tree of life and the tree of knowledge) and the unity of opposites. I am going through a rough time in my life, as well. The theme that a loved one might be sick, or that we might be able to complete a quest to find our place alongside our lover - a quest that may save her .

I have been tactically avoiding replaying the images in my mind - I have a very good memory for such things. Test subjects, the architecture, bedrooms, the eerie darkness of the future tree. The strange way the fibers on the trunk of the tree react to the man's touch. The expression on the Mayan priest's face. The upturn of the helmet of the conquistadore. Images easily recalled and just as easily dismissed... in review, but in experience. Not so.

Darren Aronovsky hits where we live. With PI (Order out of Chaos), and Requiem for a Dream he finds images that unnerve. Echoes of game show hosts , addiction. Horse. The quest for eternal life in "The Fountain" is an evolution of order from chaos or requiem for a dream .

For me, all of these images collect and combine like pieces of a chess puzzle. At queen's odds.

Immortality is not a dream. But it is also not yet reality. This film gives the sense of loneliness of purpose that comes from sacrifice.

I collect films only under the rule that any film I collect I will be able to watch twice. PI, and The Fountain, I am sure I could watch twice. And The Fountain, like - Requiem for a Dream I could also watch twice, but won't. I reserve that right.

This fabric of space and time has been woven before; there are echoes even here of the epigenome. They exist, they are not shadows on the wall or superstitions. They are real. Aronovsky, in "The Fountain" weaves a tale that could either be viewed in the light of psychedelic romance - or a parable that explores fundamental questions and provides simple, dark answers.

Ephesians 5:22 , A man shall love his wife as Christ loved the church. And so he gives his entire life for hers. Like the film. It doesn't end, when she dies.

It ends when he dies.