Night Light

Well, its happening again. At the stables, about two months ago I wrote about a white horse , a small foal that had gotten really sick. So sick in fact that its blue eyes turned to green and it couldn't get up. I took a look at that horse, and said out loud that it needed to be put down. They didn't listen, and I didn't press the matter because foals can get sick and also because these people were paying cash. But nevertheless that foal suffered for three more days before the vet showed up one day carrying a long silver needle loaded with an overdose of barbituates.

Last night a horse burned the midnight oil next to me. She was not exactly my stablemate (normally who's stalled there is a horse that looks exactly like spirit of the cimarron). But, she was moved there because she had been laid out flat. She had a tube in her nose. When I got there this morning she was down. Her owner came over to her and said, "Come on, get up. You're not dead". Now, you have to put a kind edge to that voice when you read that, because this person loves this horse. It has colicked nearly six times last year alone. And its a small horse, it never seems to get any bigger. It just sort of stays there in that pattern of getting sick, getting over it, and getting sick again.

Well, yesterday, she was really bad. She had laid down and cut herself on her backside and the front of her head. And today she had the same thing going. A horse doesn't normally sleep lying down. They tend to spend most of the night standing, and just sort of let their head fall. But last night, they left the night light on for her - she was hurting all night long.

I took one look at this horse in the morning, while I led my frisky, submissin' mare out to the pasture - happy to have a horse that was at least a challenge to get to know and just skipping along with here. I saw her there when I came back down, and she was just standing there completely still - with a tube sticking out of her nose. And I just said to myself. Put the horse down. Goddamnit.

But at this exact moment I couldn't bring myself to say it out loud, and I won't until I see whats really going on. Which is to say, I'm pretty sure this horse will make it but just barely. Still, out there in the wild. That horse would have been food for the wolves.

I think leaders tend to sense what the herd is sensing, but they can clarify that feeling into action. And they can make tough decisions. I will wait and watch because, like he said. That horse isn't dead yet. But I would have put it down if it were me. Its 1.00 a pound at the rendering plant.


It is always difficult to lose a friend.

I have never owned a horse, got to share in two in my lifetime. One called HiBabe & the other Peanut Butter. I loved both of these quarter horses & had four concussions to prove just how much I could not give up on them. If one of them was hurt or sniffly it really concerned me.

I have always cared about animals (as well as people) who are special to me. Animals seem to need someone to look after them.

We were raised to revere & respect God's creatures so it is just part of me. I even admit I cried as I read "Old Yeller" I can imagine the conflict you are feeling right now.

My thoughts are with you...
its going to be 7,000.00 / horse's GI is probably kinked up.

They say mineral oil in their feed will fix the colic.

lord knows the poor thing is sick. its just sitting there now. cuts on either side.

the smell tells me its all over. This horse has been doing this since it was 8 months old. Its young, 2 1/2 years old.

We're all holding our breath. This is the worst colic I have ever seen. They pierced the neck of her to feed in fluids and she has a tube running out of her nose right now and she's just lying down.

My view is when a horse is lying down alot, its gone. I said it aloud yesterday when I saw it.

Thanks LSD I hope she'll get better. God's creature or no, I don't want to see her die. The smell is pretty bad right now.

But her owner has deep pockets. Its going to be off to Auburn with her.

Hey LSD, did you know that we're in such a bad drought over here that lake Lanier will be gone in 90 to 120 days if we dont get any rain?
Night Light Update: 10/17

Yep. Its off to Auburn with her.
She's up and about today.

That smell was DMSO. I have not yet used it, its supposed to flush all the toxins out of your horse - and I did not know until yesterday that it smells like death.

She's gonna make it.
Hey BTW lsd, don't worry. I cried when I saw old yeller too.
It is so difficult to keep up on these important matters now that I can no longer see you often....but you know I deeply care.

WOW had my first sailing experience (& capsize) in Lake Lanier. Can't imagine it disappearing. Not good what is happening in our world.

The news about the horse is simply wonderful. Thank you for letting me know.

Perhaps miracles do happen. I know I keep hoping for forgiveness & in love. Who knows....

Miss U
Update: Nightlight came back, she had ulcers. She's on grass and hay now all day long, and she's getting better.

And my friend is out 7,000.00