And I fetched her from the sea

I dont know why she tried to kill herself but she did. The water was cold. When they saw her missing they assumed she was dead.

I ran to the dock . There she was naked face down. One thing I do remember. The water was cold but not so cold that the kelp wasn't growing. Thank god you can't feel the temperature of the water, when you jump in. When you dream.

I remember everyone else stood around feeling sorry. I jumped in and pulled her out and then pushed the water out of her lungs. Just as naturally as you and I are talking to each other she gets pissed off at everyone around and then I realize. Hey. You're upset but you're alive.

We wrap her in a blanket.

And now that I remember that I also remember there was a suitcase that was trying to be smuggled across the border. And we opened it. And inside was what I was looking for , and a real gun. And a paintball gun.

It was still loaded. =) You are lucky you weren't in my dream.

P.S. My son got a Phlat Ball for his birthday - it is the coolest thing you will ever see, for any age. Its a frisbee , push in the center and a random timer pops it into a ball. We're going to play with it tomorrow. Also he did great at Tiger Cubs + my daughter got really excited about Girl Scouts again + she is now on top of her class in AR. They both got really good report cards.

My sons ... social.. affliction... is fading. He is interacting more strongly with his peers, and coming back from the edge of Asperger's syndrome. I don't think he ever really +had+ it to tell the truth. He just acted like he did. Worried about him for a while there... but then again my social skills are so strong, we knew he would eventually pull through. .... Riiight.