Lifes a bitch. Then you have puppies

They call wednesday "hump day" because its the middle of the week, and you're supposed to cruise over it and coast until Friday.

When I worked for the phone company I remember Thursday seemed to be the day you wanted to have everything done. I always enjoyed Thursdays there - it was a tradition to try to get everything you needed to get done for the week done by that date. Fridays sometimes involved group lunch or something that took a bit more than an hour out of the day that you would not have otherwise spent with the group.

In college a person named Jon Hoffman was one of my mentors. Jon was into medeival stuff, and he and I would spend time together . He lived in the apartment below me. He smoked a long pipe, made of clay, and he would occasionally snip it off at the end. He would blow rings in the air and they would just hang there in the candlelight. He was a Grad student in the Physics department.

We were both members of a club called "the society for creative anachronism" or SCA , which was a group dedicated to bringing back drunken jousting. And other things. Of course.

One girl there (I say girl) was someone named Kate. I sort of tagged her in my mind as "Hurricane Kate" although I never called her that. She and her father , when she was young, spent an entire year on a sailboat once. She was home schooled.

She was I think. Sixteen or something .Finishing up her undergraduate degree. Jon had a thing for her and we'd all three hang out together at SCA meetings on the lawn.

I once tried to do a very painful 21 credit hours in one semester. I said to Kate one day .. "Arg! Kate! This is too many credit hours for a semester. My mind is melting.. I am beginning to think its true what they said.. Lifes is a Bitch! ...and then you die. .. arrr"

And she said. Quiet. Deadpan. No. "Life's a bitch. And then you have puppies ".

The kids are alright.


Anonymous said…
I have left something for you in the place you used to leave things for me....