If you have enough time

Someone said to me, if you have enough time to write this blog - why don't you have time to do X , Y and Z.

Its 7:15 am. I woke at 5:50, played WoW for 10 minutes. Almost levelled (damnit I am good. for you WoW fans out there, the Green Hills of Stranglethorn can be Found in the AH... tee hee) .

Then at 6:10 I woke the children. I jumped into bed with them. I have noticed that if you have nice cozy english bed on a cold morning, and you ask a little one to roll over they will roll over. Which means that at a certain time they are already half awake before you wake them. How I got them up in five minutes is my secret though.

Cooked them oatmeal. Brown sugar. Cinnamon. Apples for my little girl. Juice. Helped them get ready. Clean clothes. Brushed teeth. Brushed hair. My son will lose that tooth today: note to self time to get out the dental floss and pull that sucker out. Secret note to self: make sure the Tooth Fairy has a silver dollar. .. Who are you callin' a fairy. You better watch that lip. It could get fat.

Made them brush up again. Signed their homework folder. My daughter is now doing painful extra work that bothers her. Last night she could not get it and started crying so I took her out into the cold. She almost freaked out. Then I said "You are cold, crying AND grumpy". The cold shook her out of it. Sometimes you can slap someone in the face to straighten them out, and sometimes you can't. But she understands I wasn't trying to deepfreeze her and she gets it. She does the rest of her Venn diagrams with aplomb.

Note to self: the extra work makes sense. She was trying to guess the answers to the questions she didn't know by crossing off the letters multiple choice. Straight A students are not a good report card they are a "you have to do more than the school report card." I wish they could take her down to B+ somehow. But then again, this is the era of "no child left behind". Or should I say "no school council left unscathed". They cut 20 million dollars out of the school budget in my county alone. Neat huh? Public school works only if you get involved. I am grateful my father encouraged us to go to public.

The kids make it on the bus. Not a single late this year. (there were eight lates last year, then four. the teachers are noticing. )

7:18 am. And now I am alone. And I can think a bit about what someone said to me yesterday. If you have enough time to write this blog, why don't you have enough time for X, Y and Z. I guess the answer is because X, Y, and Z are things that I don't really want to do.

But if you think I am sitting here slaving over this blog. You're wrong. I am a talented writer, with a clear sense of where I want to go. I desperately want to contribute to a friend's book project but I prohibited explicitly from doing so. I have written clearly on the subject of politics simply because I wish to effect social change. And have done so.

And it is a point of pride that I have been asked to meet the Dean this coming month. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get my horse to a new pasture today, make three thousand dollars, reinstall a laptop, finish some C++ code that has been killing my schedule, maintain four websites, finish taxes, pay down an employee's account that has been open since last year and get a salary payment off to the India team before its too late. Oh yes and collect the checks to do all of that. Hmm... what else am I missing? Oh right. Read through six stacks of mail.

7:22 am. Total elapsed time. Seven minutes. Time to surf.

7:27 am. And I am also in the correct frame of mind for my new project. Lets see if they will pay. Let X. equal. X. >:)


Old Knudsen said…
Hahaha you are the hoosewife!

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