Small Acts of Kindness

I am the victim today of a small act of kindness. It totally up-ended my day, which started out with a pretty rude mail from someone I didn't know. As usuall I barrelled through most of my day. Finished at least one relevant thing I had to do. Sadly however that single rude mail messed up so much of my day. So I was pretty down much of the day. This person that mailed me really does get off on people getting hurt.

However I set today up to be a potion festival for my friends. I had been collecting herbs up in WoW for weeks now and stockpiling them. So I moved into an apothecary and started at it on my lunchbreak. Thats when I received the small act of kindness that changed my day.

Some completely anonymous night elf sent me a gift. The mail she sent said "acts of kindness always begin small" and it was sent from anonymous. and signed "huntress".

You would not believe how much that cheered me up. I guess I am really , in the end. An optimist. I really believe that people are inherently evil but I also believe as equally strong that there is alot of good work that can be done in the world and I love getting swept up into it.

So for the past three hours I've been on a do-good type kick. My friend really gets into this stuff too. She built 75 (count them!) +seventy five+ schools in India with her charity (her friends helped +alot+) and she really doesn't fundraise that well but just the whole act of focussing on it, can really help.

In the end, I guess it doesn't matter what I do with my life or where I was. I don't even know why I got the gift from that person. I vaguely remember helping an elf out in the Redridge mountains (in WoW ) and I even confessed it was really by mistake - I had cast a scroll upon her that was in the wrong position on my action bar, I was just trying to buff her. And she was a huntress and didn't have very many buffs - she apologized. And she logged out. She was tired. Maybe it was her.

The main thing? It was a completely random act of kindness on her part. She just sent me a gift and it turned out that, I sent that gift on to a lower level player who learned valuable lessons from it and a whole chain of neat things began.

And of course, tonight is my World of Warcraft Addicts Anonymous meeting... I networked the room so we could put a workstation in there and got a great graphics card for it ... oh... wait.. I .. don't think that was the point... er... ok.

I make my home in Cenarius. I practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty. Whats your game?


Anonymous said…
tbs you seriously need to get a life