NH Turnout Record High

NH Turnout for Barack Obama is so high that precincts are running out of ballots, and lines are all the way around the block.

Iowa's early numbers being up 76% were a precursor to the wave. Barack Obama has always represented to me, the kind of person that could really catch a wave and ride it.

He owes his early victory to a caucus of people willing to break the tie, who are anti-war, fiscal conservative, social liberal independents. The indie vote is running so fast to Obama that Romney may be able to catch the benefit of it by losing the NH indie GOP vote for McCain and having the rest of the GOP collect behind Romney for the win. The GOP race will be exciting.

The Democratic Race is just about over. And its over for the so called republicans and "conservatives" too. We will soon see an end to the incompetence that paraded itself as republicanism for the last eight years and a return of our country to its rightful place in the world and the world economy. America dropping below 42nd place in educational rank, spending more than ever before, and involving itself in an unjust and contrived attack on a country that had nothing to do with us except happen to be geologically positioned over dead dinosaurs, is a country that will make our children proud again.

So you may as well start teaching your kids that race and color don't matter anymore. And that anyone can rise up to be president of the United States, and that the President is no longer an idiot but a smart man . After all, your college level kids have just figured this out and they're voting in record numbers. They understand the imperative to drain the swamp left by Bush Republicans Like Gingrey, Haster, Cheney, Rove, Delay and Abramov.

Revenge, unless you are spanking your girlfriends ass - is a dish best served cold. The iceman is coming. Watch and see.


Anonymous said…
I am hearing the same things but I cant confirm that they're getting record turnout out there.