This is how we found him

The grease pencil tethered to the slate, drifted next to him

the edge that cut my rope
came from a crystal

i speak quietly to myself in the dark
bubbles floating up to the cave ceiling
the water
clear, cold and pure
the smallest ones like diamonds
I remember
from my training
that I should rise no faster than this smallest bubble

I am writing
with the worn edge of a grease pencil
in small letters
my dive watch says 9:42 am
I am in trouble

looks like
the cord was cut
I think it was crystalline.. strange.. this rope is strong and soft..
It spun from my reel .. and now
here in this underwater cave
man this place looks just like that spaceship
in that film "alien"
strange about the end of this rope
pretty cleanly cut
wonder how.. (blurred)

I cannot find my way home
my air is gone

..I feel strangely calm

(we cannot read this part ) .. to my children
.. (smeared lettering)

.. I only entered this far because I saw..(indecipherable)

.. looks like soon my air will run out.
... wait .. what was that?

.. up ..there ..looked like someth..

..(this part is blurred) .. ..

light is getting dim.. hard to (something)..

it seems as if ..

( blurred )

..almost out of slate
tell my wife I love her and ... wait..
.. there it is again..
my god..
... its.. full of stars