Her hair was bright white.

I have been playing around with these different visions of the female. In my free time, ferreting out visions of the feminine from Wow, SL, CL, all over. Unlike the typically male approach, females are seeing the net as a form of social network and they're out there now enjoying themselves in disembodied form.

Or embodied into some kind of ideal. I was fairly curious about it for a while. And I was taking notes. The last piece of the puzzle came to me last night.

I finally met her last night in my dream. Her face was serenity itself. But I didn't see it at first. We were both in class . I thought I knew who she was. Before I met her. It was pretty exciting. I wanted to meet her. I was happy when she took a seat next to me.

Then when I turned to look into her eyes . I noticed she was several people all at once.Part one, part another. It was scary. I didn't know who you were but I knew your name. I wanted to know who you are. You sat behind me but in that strange way dreams go, I was behind you. We only met briefly and said a few words. The shock of it woke me up. You might not believe it but this is the first time I have ever dreamt of her. Ever. She had white hair. Not gray, but bright white. Oh, she was also you - alright. She had your name. You were her symbol. I never visualized you until then. I thought I was meeting you.

That was all I wanted. Just someone to say hello to. I am done.

I am deleting all my WoW and SL characters fairly soon I think. Trying to figure out what to do with them, really. The dream, was a strange meeting . Today I went in-world to SL for the first time in 4 months. There are people there - housewives, stay at home husbands, 22 year old slackers, whatever - who really like living virtual lives. The membership in the space is falling. The currency is propped up artificially. The government is a dictatorship. People in there are not making enough money. Not even Ansche Chung. That was all a marketing gimmick. The place lags. And Wow? God. Thats the ultimate place for people with no lives. And not just a few people but like 20 million of them. I suppose you could manage that if you just take it as a game. Its also an addiction.

In the end, I've done a good job so far mastering my addictions. And getting the right things done in life.

The dream was vivid and stressful. The conversation was scary. We both wanted to meet each other but we didn't have the nerve. We made excuses for not meeting. It was also very, very short. A simple meeting in what seemed like real life. A lucid dream, and in some sense, a nightmare that wakes you up in time to take your final exam. Playing with dolls is for people who need to play with dolls. Its a great environment, and alot of good potential. But maybe in the end, I am really more interested this year in my first million.

I might as well give it a year or so; I am thinking Linden Labs isn't going to fix the scaling problems very straightforwardly. The Codebase, as I see it, is a prototype that was pushed into production and is being endlessly patched into operating status. SL is cool , though. Its a nice place. Wow is coded up a lot better. But WoW just wants you to keep paying monthly subscriptions (socket armor anyone?). I can use silo.php to take all my inventory (sans scripts) and store the scripts in textfiles. I will try it out. I am also gonna mail blizzard and see if they can store my toons on ice for a while.

It really was fun figuring those games out.

In the end, it was about simple social interactions that used to be a part of everyday for all of us. Or, for people who either through their own personal problems, Gorean husbands, or occupational slumming have decided to live their life there. It used to be fairly easy to have friends. Intrigue. Adventures. Isolated lives are now the norm in the 21st century.

But India is different. Children are growing up strong over there. And after their markets crash today it will be a good buy. Aarg. Gotta run.