Kick Ass Day

Congratulations, if you're reading this you are hereby authorized to go and kick some ass today. Today is Kick Ass Day.

What, you might say - does this involve? Why. Its simple. Today you will go out and wail on everything that isn't done. You will not answer your phone, instead you will contact manage for either uplevelling your position (because, damnit, your skills are fading - you have skills - sharpen them up!) or .. you will make sales calls and close the deal.

If there is anything left to do with your product development, you will do it. You will get your employees, or those that you manage, in a row. You will get them working productively. If you have any debts to clear, you will clear them. If you're in a more humble and likely more important position, the kids will be straight, clean and you will do something great with them today. They will be glossy haired and bright eyed. You will get everything straight that needs to be straight.

Only then you are authorized to party. No "I gave at the office" stuff for you - Kick Ass day means you kick ass everywhere, all over town. (like me today). So. No rewards until then. Thats right you heard me. You're not stopping until your goals are completely set. No reward, not even gushing about both of your two children winning the Advanced Reading contest at school. All parents gush incessantly about their kids at the first opportunity. Get some cash in the bank. Get to work.

You're Still Here..!?

Ok my adsense is really making me laugh today. It said "how I made my husband gay". hm... text parsing can be fun. .. =)


M@ said…
I wish I had gotten this memo earlier. Today was Whack Off Day for me. Monday....