Obama Gets Endorsement of Kerry

John Kerry just endorsed Barack Obama. Ok. Thats one more person. One more vote.

My favorite bumper sticker of 2004 was "I voted for John Kerry before I voted against him.

Seriously this will not help Edwards. Hillary is looking strong into Nevada. But the real contest is in Michigan. The GOP. If they frag there, they will be a rolling nightmare.

I think what we have here is something like Hillary strengthening up to take the full nomination but I back Barack Obama. He's got a difficult job ahead of himself. I think he's up to it.

So does John Kerry. Thats cool. Maybe we can get little packets of catch-up with obama's name printed on them. If Hillary takes Nevada things will get tough. Why is Obama skipping it? What is he doing in South Carolina. More delegats maybe.

Ah well. Here we go.