Guest Writing Gig

I am thinking about taking a guest writing gig over at "Reliable Politics". This is probably due to my blistering observations about New Hampshire, no doubt.

Obama placed a strong second to Clinton , in NH. I think the kid will go all the way. Hillary has a problem in that there is 40 percent of the electorate that will just not vote for her.

Richardson sent out a mail saying "the contest from here", which if you read between the lines, is a standard mail that most candidates send before they shut down , to the hardcore faithful who will donate even when the campaign is heading for the tank. He states that he has support out west, and in the southwest, which makes him a strong running mate but even stronger as a member of the announced cabinet since either clinton will VP for Obama, or Obama will VP for clinton. But in the end, this is now a two person race on the Democratic side and I cast my lot with Obama. Always have. As soon as its done, I will rededicate myself to getting Richardson in as Sec. of State. - he is the singularly best qualified man, imho, to staff that position that the country has seen in a decade - an understudy of JFK and someone who is versed in the details of negotiating with strength. His work with North Korean nonproliferation was nonpareil.

I write best when I am objective. Since I am a member of the front page group at myDD, I want to focus there a bit. If I follow Jonathan Singer and Jerome Armstrong and Chris Bowers I will do ok. myDD is usually a first stop shop for detailed polling with graphs. Chris did a good job helping with.

The new blog is named "Reliable Politics" and honestly the GUI looks like one of those fake websites that you get redirected to when you're looking for something else. It is independent, which is nice. I think they are going for something both sides can read. Thats really cool if you think about it. I enjoy writing about politics because it is langauge stress tested , a Samuel Johnson fugue if you will. And because ultimately I am in it for the money. Just kidding. Here's the site: Reliable Politics

Hang in there while I scope the place out some more. I'll let you know in the comments if I have decided to go there on a stronger schedule. This part of the year, you get alot of requests. It looks ok.... I need to speak with the guy who set it up a bit more.

Update : 1/09/08. Ok, I took the job. It looks like we'll have a tough time keeping an even keel with the GOP race being tight in Michigan and Romney likely going all out on the straightaway. Staying objective will mean waiting for the votes to be counted, and keeping clear of partisan differences. Here's my first piece for them. Enjoy. =)


Anonymous said…
Ha, Ha, the money. Well, I already e-mailed you on that.
I declare "condition green"
>:) ok rick. i went ahead and posted the mother.

hey thanks for the thoughts. dig a little bit and you find hillary is banking the women's vote again, and obama is surging amongst independents and the GOP is moving towards conservatism.

guess they're looking under the hood. gotta love new hampshire.