Clinton Leads in NH

Hillary Clinton is leading now in New Hampshire, with 15 percent of the districts reporting. The lead is about 4 percentage points.

Also with 13 percent of the districts reporting, many of the media have called NH for McCain.

The net effect of the Obama miracle is that it has given him a strong lead in all major polls, and it has effectively knocked John Edwards out of the race. It is a two person race at this point. Record turnout.

Amazing. This is why I am into politics. The American people really do decide their own fate. I am so proud of the watchdogs. So proud in fact that I became one.

The only thing to worry about when your guy is losing is whether or not its fair. Which it is. NH seems to be stoked about Hillary at this point.

I think Hillary will be a great VP.


Anonymous said…
you screwed up. the turnout was high for both obama and clinton and in the end clinton took it.

clinton is not going to be a pushover

this proves that people will say that they will vote for obama but they wont pull the lever for him