Rhymes with Orange

I waited for the day
they would lower the shade of the color
of the tombstones in my neighbors eyes
from elmo
to clear , eliminate . fear
I wanted us to return
to the country we had known before
and stop being forced to focus on things beyond ourselves
to rejoice in laws about sidewalks
and better schools

But they never did
and that left me here, with my laptop
and socks , here at hartsfield
trying to find the word that rhymes with orange

instead I got a paying job
as the barcode tattoo on your arm
on the right, a devil with a socket in his head
and the left is an angel with wings and sad eyes
and underground we do it in the basement
just listen for that bass kick
If I were the president
I'd kill him with my bible

maybe even use nanotechnology
like linus and lucy on adrenaline
I'd spiral black clounds of dust
powered by transmission
and with horror
he would discover the lump in his arm
and people on the river are happy to give
the new machines burrowing into soft flesh
replace carbon silicon oxide
relax. Osama
it just feels like a mild cold
one that
just doesn't seem to want to go away

you know. we thought
every now and then you'd probably want us
to do something
and easy

but we never do things nice. and easy
so we're gonna start off
With bin laden
singing when he lays down his sword
before the feet of george

then we're going to make you feel tonguetied
and we're gonna finish
with 911 greeting cards

that rhyme with orange.
and end with george

proud mary keep on burning
the star on blue the red and white
hold back or give it your all might
everyone loves the pilot except the crew

the chase plane puts the airline in its sights ..
the fighter pilot pulls the trigger
air to air missile drops from below
an evil dildo with wings

keepers of the blue
speak to me only with your eyes
we heard them say
before they died.

from someone's cellphone
they didn't know they had left on

and as they dropped from the air
ashes in the wind
we see the torch we all must hold
It's condition elmo
Let's Roll.


Emilly Orr said…
"Proofing" poetry is always so tricky, everyone has their own style....so I'd just point to two things:


to clear , eliminate . fear

is a little unclear, if only because it's "clear-space-comma-space", then "eliminate-space-period-space", and really, that needs to be better organized (spaces removed).

The other thing:

I'd spiral black clounds of dust

"clounds" should be "clouds".

Otherwise? Trippy damn poem. I like it. The images are vivid, grabbing, on occasion visceral. Kudos.
thank you. i think you're dead on, on your comments.

hey emily this is the year you get published.