Connecting the Dots

There are days when I can connect, one two, maybe three or four of them. Days when I can connect one.

Somtimes I cannot see the constellations. Just a breathtaking expanse of stars. Then other times. I can't even see those.

Tomorrow, my ten year old daughter who has posted seven straight semesters of straight "A"'s will go to her teacher and ask him to tell her what a mathematical proof is all about. I remember algebra showed up in my life when I was in like. the seventh grade?

And so here comes another dot to connect. We can simply answer the question algorithmically - 'a proof is a bla bla bla'. If you truly want her to learn how to connect the dots herself - send her to the place first where she can get some traction. So I sent her to her teacher. He will have problems that can make her stronger.

I consider yesterday fairly unproductive despite getting a few things done. It just seems like a game of connect the dots sometimes.


M@ said…
It's a bit humbling to learn that chimpanzees MAY have photographic memories.
M@ said…
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M@ said…
The plasticity of the brain is such that it's still not too late at your age. Through middle age, at least, you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.