Gor began by speaking of evil in both the individual and collective, reconciling its presence in symbolic dark. What about this idea - suppose "I put on my fluffy slippers +before+ I go into the room .. what can live there in the dark.." and then not unlike the book "The Wave" - that identification with the dark can be a banner as it was to those high school kids who , in the book - became progressively more evil. That power is one of both control and purpose - Hitler appealed to his constituents in a form of nationalistic pride - the cynical machine of modern politics utilizes fear to force Americans into a frame of reference - that pushes us to think outside of our mortality - and create a sense of purpose and ideology - that can often mask a darker purpose.

The idea of "trading stamps" as a metaphor for that form of rubber stamp response that does not defeat evil but legitimize it in a form of talking heads response (see also Faux News, and the two "experts" thing they have going on). Female form? Yes, please.

In the early days of the church , many went to try to get a clue about the world around them through the works of the bible. The masses could neither read, nor write. They came to see the cartoon etched in stained glass . Go sometime and read it for yourself. Its still beautiful.

All of us have seen the Eniwetok test. The flash of light. The sound. The bright sphere expanding.. lightning striking down at the ground .. then the horrific vision of utter and complete destruction.

This is a genetic memory. All life will be erased from the planet and fortunately for us, it is a cycle of perhaps 20 million years or so that gives evolution just enough time to mutate a response and survive and prosper in new form. Trilobyte. Dinosaur. Mammalian life. ..

Often when people think of evil, they have a personalized evil perhaps best represented in "The Devil and Daniel Webster".

That form may likely exist. Your best bet is to remember whatever finite life you have, for infinite grace - is worth the bet. Anytime where the odds are infinity itself you are better off playing than sitting on the sidelines . As the founding fathers endless curiosity about the existence of God, and their own sense of faith drove them to found our nation upon ideals and principles - either our own internal compass, or that compass that we forge with powers outside of ourselves - is best not trusted near strong magnetic fields.

He is less remote from the truth who believes nothing than he who believes what is wrong - Thomas Jefferson

This week was the week that Christ was baptized. I imagine its probably pretty fun to blow some Baptist Minister's mind. He's a voice screaming in the wilderness. What do you think it would have been like, to see the expression on John the baptists' face, when Christ walked up and asked him if he would perform a baptism upon him. I wonder sometimes if the devil would return as a minister.. no. Probably an ex minister who is running for political office. - Remember your baptism and be thankful.