21st Century War - And the Art of Journalism

How can we, as readers - know if and when a war will be reported in the modern press? What is a hallmark of real conflict?

This is a serious question, because there are several news media entertainment channels who continually run 'Amber Alert' tickers at the base of their screen, and supplant their news coverage with sensationalism and news-media-entertainment. They have modified the art of journalism - as they practice it - to become a form of entertainment and are generally somewhat unreliable. So what are the real indicators?

First, lets qualify this to imply war between any two countries - one of which may have nuclear capability. After all, conventional war is good copy. Does anyone remember 'shock and awe'...? The nonstop coverage of a conventional bombing campaign. We can rely upon any news source to attempt to cover such stories.

But war that involves either a nuclear capability - or may somehow threaten market stability - incorporate any of the countries of the 'Axis of Evil' , or otherwise involve a scenario in which alot of damage could happen over time - that would not necessarily be good television - is problematic for the editors. I've written extensively here on the role of the editor in modern journalism - they are largely responsible for the transformation of news, into news media entertainment. When presented with a problem that would not involve an increase in advertising revenue - especially the 20th century advertising model that they insistently uphold - they often bury the story.

So how does one watch for such signs of war? Where is the early warning system - that reliable, sane and clear headed journalists - once provided. I will answer the question, with a question.

Can you listen to the silence? Can you hear what it is saying to you?

If you can, then you will have heard that two hours ago, the sound of the suffering of the North Korean peninsula ... the sound of an entire people enslaved to a stalinist dictatorial regime .... their suffering... just got louder.

The North is desperate for war. They are hungry for it. The world theatre does not wish this to happen - global markets are in a delicate balance. They wish this conflict to end - however, it has a long history.

From 1968 to the mid 1970's, North Korea launched repeated assassination attempts on South Korean leadership. In the 1990's, the North and South finally reconciled and have been able to establish some semblance of international relations. However, in the early 21st century the North Koreans , while the Bush Republicans were in Office - successfully restarted their Nuclear program. They adopted the position that the Peoples Republic of Korea should be allowed to enter the Nuclear league. The Bush republicans failed in their effort to halt this expansion of power. Now, in 2010 - a North Korean submarine torpedoed a South Korean warship.

Where there were 46 men, there is now only silence.

The leadership of North Korea is seeking to attach the condition, to their sinking of a South Korean warship - that the President of South Korea resign in disgrace. They are angered by South Korea holding military exercises off their own coast. Many South Koreans believe that dialogue will not work to heal the rift between the north and the south. At night, North Korea is a dark void - their people are left in the cold. This is the signal that you must read. Something wicked this way comes.


Anonymous said…
that creeped me out, dude.
ok. let's bet.

IF war breaks out, I will post 50.00 to your blog.

If war doesn't break out. You post 50.00 bucks to mine.

And you know who this is, right?