Full Disclosure NYSE:PEP

The bull outfit was just a costume. My second buy this year will go in, sometime around tomorrow. The stock took a drubbing today, knocked back almost 3% - which is huge for NYSE:PEP. This stock is on its way to a strong finish this year, its chief competitor marking up record sales. Hopefully the markets can just keep crashing today and tomorrow.

See? If someone had actually hit the 'donate' button on this blog, I would have given you the clue. But it's ok. This last maneuver just paid for my kids college education...

I am not taking this money for my own fun. I am trying to get a non profit off the ground, with the donation... anything that I take in off the blog here will go to help start a non profit organization to help kids get a college education. I've actually been toying with the idea of steering my nonprofit directly towards the funding of college education for all high school or college age kids, regardless of descent. The charter for my NPO is to try to stop child labor - some kids come to America to get out of a similiar cycle despite the fact that Child Labor is pretty much dead in the US and Western Hemisphere in General. Something close to it, survives - however. A sort of severe underemployment that forces kids into dead end jobs. The only way out is training. It has worked before. It will work again.

The side effect of hitting donate, over there is that I open up this blog. And you can play along with me - or I will write something specifically for you. There is a notes field on the donation / and I am capable of getting your request. I can't and won't write for free anymore. I have two kids heading towards college. Only one of them just got their tuition paid out of the last three weeks of market activity. The braces and the contact lenses set me back far enough that the other one is out in the cold. So hit the donate button, and find out what's really going on. Otherwise you'll only know it after the fact.

For example, today the oil spill from the big corporate screw up in the Gulf of Mexico - just hit the wetlands. Not some 'unexplained tarballs'... but the real thing. If you want to hit traditional media, you will find this story right next to corporation will successfully stop oil flow today" ...

This is not to say that I will promise this blog is some kind of unerrant magic eight ball. It is what it is. And it is changing radically. My 500 Days of Summer are over. I would like for you to be a part of what happens next. Hit donate.


Anonymous said…
...you are sounding desperate!
Well, the non profit has to take in its own money and to be honest its been about four months since I've really tried to light it up, and I'm getting nowhere. I've only done one fundraiser. It was successful, but the margins were awful + it ended up being too little too late to get things going in the right direction.

The idea for the nonprofit is that it's going to end child labor. But this is the US version of the same charity I've been helping along for a long time now...

What do you think about a sort of blind trust college fund that will go to people of nonimmigrant or gray-immigration status - so that anytime anyone ever starts college -for whatever reason, they're going to be able to finish it ?

I mean. Also of course kids out of high school that are paying their own way and run into trouble paying for college.

Just in general, you know.. if you start it.. you finish it? Kind of focus..?

Do you like that?