Noam Chomsky on Healthcare

Celebrating Noam Chomsky's Decision to stand up to those in Israel - who tried to get him to register his speech and gain clearance from the IDF before he spoke at a University on the West Bank - and yesterday, when he did not do so - banned him. Can we take a moment to let this sink in, please? This is a so-called American ally- who has taken action against free speech.

I chose this clip ca. 2008, as it is a good one to sum up the state of the healthcare issue, and open items that should be a platform element for the election year 2010. In it, Noam articulates a strong case for the Alan Grayson Amendment - a simple buy into Medicare that funds the system and allows us to buy inexpensive insurance immediately.

It must be reiterated - not only from prominent scholars such as Noam Chomsky - but also from the electorate (weighing in at 74% in favor) how broad, and wide - the support for a National Health Service truly is - and the work that needs to be done to get such a system installed.

I see nothing here that warrants a threat to national security. He is, however, quite a threat to national stupidity. Israel would do well to allow him into their country.