Dow Drops 997 Points in One Day

Recovers, to post a net loss of 300 points. I said before, I am a bear - at this point - and this is why.

But I'm not a chart guy. I am not planning this off my overlay work that I did with the Nikkei vs. Dow/ its more a kind of gut reaction that the financial issues can be a bit more viral than they would appear to be.... America, remember, started this whole thing.

Greece and the financial market collapse pending there - keeps it going. This is important to me because I have two years of stock to post to my kids fund. And thats the only reason I'm doing the analysis.

I know there are people out there that made a ton of money off me. I posted this trendline 2 days in advance. That was plenty of time to have your options in. Note: This drop was so huge, that the press coverage is almost unanimous in its rationalization of it all. There was a trading glitch in a single stock that accounted for 170 points of the 900 but even then - with this accounted - it is the single largest intraday drop in the Dow in the history of the index. Nowhere are the ties to news media entertainment companies - and major corporate interests - more obvious than when reality becomes a stark picture that must be reported at face value - the major interests that control news media entertainment - do not want the Dow to be seen as a volatile index. They are quashing the story and predicting a higher open tomorrow. We shall see, said the blind man.