A Human Life

Words cannot capture
a human life

Food cannot sustain
the human soul

Water cannot quench
thirst for knowledge

Blood cannot transmit
the essence of man

We pass on traits
Not our minds
Not our selves

captures a shadow
that goes to ground
without light
or sound
a hologram
that grows from the ripple of our lives
that disturbed these waters
and then no more
a desert rose
that says "I occurred"
thorn pierced
for reference
to dream of rain
and gardens
in the desert sun

What makes up memory?
What makes up self?

l’etre et neant
a lonely hunter?
shadow veiled
the answer availed

A human life
is not a dream
It is an awakening
It is the sound of our heart breaking
All the world a stage
You and I
Merely Players

If you dare
to capture
a human life
to remember
the golden light that shines
as you grow old
spaceweaver , A to T
C to G
you in me
me in you
when its over
it's over
we leave nothing
but a bone
ephesians 5:24
tie me up
tie me down
Don't you love it when she wears special clothing?
Don't you love it when she wears nothing?
Forgive us, Oh Lord
for the little jokes we played on you..
And I will forgive you
for the great big one
that you played on me.