And the Horse Died Standing Up..

This morning the mother of the six kittens we have is dead. The kittens are barely three weeks old. I wanted to title this post 'Flightless Bird' because for some reason when I was playing with them this morning I was humming Iron and Wine to myself.

After my son was off to school (my last leaves at 7:30) I heard the kittens crying from their hiding place. One adventurous kitten cow kitty - a little black and white spotted kitten - was wandering far and being very loud. Scared.

Being only three weeks old, they are too curious and frisky to be clear headed about their hunger - they will need to make a food distinction between killing food and food as part of another living being - right now , food is mother and mother is food and there is no food. They are one and the same

And there lies the lesson, doesn't it? I put my head down on my desk and just rocked my head slowly back and forth and closed my eyes. It's going to be home office today for me.... sigh...

But. I imagine that if I do this right, I might learn something. Right now the most important thing is kitten milk.