Vote Different

A major feature of 2008 that most of the lobbyists, special interests, and people who want you to think that it always costs 200 billion zillion dollars to get elected to Federal Government - is the fact that one of the most popular political ads of that calendar year - was in fact made by a supporter - The 'Vote Different' ad that featured an Orwellian image of a primary candidate / and ended with a logo for Barack Obama. This was all produced and dispersed at a cost of almost nothing - and the unmistakeable footprint of fan video. This kind of thing is both a trademark and a form of protection. We have built in antivirus when it comes to fake viral videos.

Somehow, human beings can tune into the real thing and separate the originators, from the imitators almost every time. Fake viral videos crash and burn. The same thing that happened in America - is now happening in Colombia. Facebook is playing a major role, as are the Fans. This election is truly people powered. And right now, they're up by 12 points.