Green Victory, Black Death

Today, a black icky tarball substance started floating up on Florida shores - killing much wildlife. This substance is different, in nature - than the substance that is pouring forth ten times worse than we ever thought - out of the gulf - and making an oil slick the size of a small state.

It puts an exclamation point on the upcoming win for the Greens in Colombia - this kind of party, and its politics - are needed desperately. We do not progress by a dependence on oil. Because it is used in plastics, it will have a place. But the concept that we can keep going without pushing the American political landscape into one of real change - is as false as the ideal and hope that a non-environmentally based party will prevail in Colombia in the upcoming election. The torch has been passed.

And , being in the 21st century - it's not burning oil to stay lit.

Personally, I find the concept that the massive oil tar that is heading up on the beaches in Florida - to be someone completely disconnected with the unbelievably large oil spill spreading all over the waters of the gulf - to be laughable. But there it is. If I were in Florida right now, I'd be looking at this black death pretty carefully - the issue with the deepwater rig may have been one in which other products were kicked out five days ago and left to float up on the beaches in the keys - it's hard to track everything thats going on out there. I would argue that there is a connection - but then again, fate and luck have somehow kept the larger oilspill from hitting the beaches... who knows how long before it just breaks up. By then, the Greens will have claimed victory in Colombia and Mockus will be their new President.

We shall see, said the blind man.