I Hate Christianity

I hate Christians
I hate Christianity

I hate priests
that rape a child

I hate celibacy
and other damage to the human gene

I hate agrarian mysticism
planting seeds of aphorism

I hate rigid thinking
that yields intolerance

I hate evangelists
they're interchangeable, like batteries

I hate theologians
they can't face deus ex machina

I hate giving people my money
in exchange for sitting in their building

I don't really like giving people my money anyway
thats just the kind of person I am

I hate the way they make coalitions
and try to stamp out civil union

I hate the way they stand there, two faced
telling everyone their holy position

I hate how all of this is a justification
to build more guns and weapons

I hate how everyone seems to think the end of the world
will happen in Jerusalem

A filthy little hole in the desert
that has some wall you can cry on
and a stupid temple
and Islam
and Palestine

I hate Christianity

I am a Christian

Now pick up this, pick up this
I have seen a birth and a death
and what can I say - but I will be glad of another death
Because I have seen a holy savior on a Harley Davidson
Riding on one of those block rockin' beats
Love the world
Fuck the world
Donate to my blog
Jesus Christ says loud pipes save lives
Do you have some kind of trip for me?
Guess which finger you're gonna see
I am a Christian
I get it.
You don't believe in anything
Mrs. Thrillionaire
I got your thrills right here

Too bad you couldn't think your way
out of a paper bag
if I put it on your head
Hey guess what one day you'll be dead
And maybe we can argue endlessly about God in Zion
until then, these memories are mine
and you're out of my life

So, you probably aren't interested in finding me
After all - nobody told you what to think
Look for the glittering darkness
Hang out with Kali
And pretty soon you'll find a guy
Just look for the finger
Bitch, PhD.


Anonymous said…
So let my fingers do the walking?