And NYSE:PEP Continues to ..Fall...?

I love this little game I get to play with NYSE:PEP every year. The company is so well managed, and stable - they quietly bought up the zero cal drinks, the health waters, and everything else out there that people will buy when they drop caffeinated carbonated sugar water as the drink of choice. They bought up quaker oats, and .. ok... the list goes on. Its a well managed company.

But it moves like a battleship. If you're clever, you can find your way to a good buy almost every year. There are two things that influence PEP. The first, is whatever Coca Cola is doing - these two companies, Pepsi and Coke - have been at each others throats since time immemorial.

The second is the broad economy. And now that Greece is looking like epic fail on the financials market... we're going to be good to go with a buy here pretty soon. With Obama in the White House, being a bear is going to be tough. Things look pretty good for a little bearishness in the near term though. I'm just happy I have my claws on today.

The only caveat to a Blue Chip is when the market really tanks people run into them. I don't want fear and panic on the streets, I just want some broken kneecaps here.

Update - 5/4/10: Someone ought to put a chart of the NIKKEI up against the DOW and tell all these Bulls out there exactly what's in store for them. Just time shift the DOW back Five , Ten years or so.. tell me what you see. Come on Pepsi, drop a little.- at the bell: Down .26 points, not bad.

Update - 5/4/10: This year I let my daughter decide the buy. Its her stocks after all. As my son, as well. She said. Let them go lower. Down a fraction after hours. I really like the conditions here. The Bull looks like the fatted calf.


Anonymous said…
The fool is writing that PEP can withstand the pressure of the Futures.

I did well following your advice last time, though. Market makes me wary..:)

Go ahead and pull the trigger, tb. You're talking about a hedge stock here.