What is it with Me, and Colombia?

For some reason one of the best friends I ever made , over the summer - as unlikely a friendship you would ever find - was with someone from Colombia. And now my daughter's closest friend is also from Colombia?

I hope that the Green Revolution succeeds there. It would be cool to have one place on the planet whose government actually works.


:) True story. She walks up to our doorstep yesterday with two tennis rackets. My daughter plays tennis with her - then she talks us all into going mountain biking..

Ok. So. My daughter brings home the worst report card ever (progress report) and she shrugs it all off and says, well - I have enough straight A's I can get away with a bad one.

And then in the car back from Mtn. Biking I asked her new BFF what her grades were and she says.. Oh. I really screwed up last report card? I got an 88. But its a 100 now. So. All 100's.

And it was like. Ok... dammn...
and then I asked her.. what do you want to be when you grow up?
And this cute little girl says. Oh. Definitely.

I want to join the Marines.

I think they're going to be Very. Very good friends. We're going to go eat at her father's restaurant on Saturday, hopefully.

I was surprised to find that Colombian food - doesn't really use alot of Tortillas. She said she never even saw one until she got here - and she said "And I still don't like them".

I said. So.. have you ever had any... Sancocho? She says. Oh yeah. I LOVE Sancocho... :D

Heh, heh heh.