Google / Android Smartphone Platform Wins

In a survey released today, Google's Android O/S just knocked the Apple iPhone off the top of the list (exluding RIM/Blackberry) of the installed O/S - this is a really good thing, considering what Apple is trying to do in the iPad/iPhone and O/S system space with maneuvers like removing all flash, and trying to control the content on the net.

My dream platform of a Nexus One on Boost Mobile at unlimited everything for 50.00 a month is still just a dream. And why? Because the carriers killed it off. They refused to support the phone - when it was sold off the Google store / and now Google has shut down their online store to sell them. However, the Operating System lives on - and with it a chance to keep things open.

The Boost Mobile network is a fairly decent network, capable of the speeds needed to keep the phone working properly but its a different type of network than what can be released out of HTC, the manufacturer that is making the Nexus One. However, if Boost makes a phone using the Droid O/S most of the features of the Nexus One will go over to whatever platform that is. My uneasy relationship with a Sanyo Incognito is starting to wear thin. This issue with carriers and the virtual lock they have on the American wireless market - has left us - once again with a fragmented standard - but at least its building.

The reason is the development platform offers alot of what the multi touch, location aware software can run from the iPhone and the apps are on par to what you would find in the iPhone app store .

I haven't checked into the restrictions placed on the droid apps/ to see if it is a truly open platform but I will get around to it. It is kind of interesting to me that without iPhone sales (posted 1.8M phones) and related contract (the kind of bondage I am definitely not into) - AT+T would have had negative subscriber growth. The iPhone - activated through AT+T now accounts for one third of all iPhone sales.