North vs. South

The South Koreans, do not strike me as a people - that can adequately grasp the level of abstraction and power required to be able to keep the north koreans from sabre rattling about their latest offshore kill. This is not to say that they can't avert war - but looking back, it's not surprising that their inability to quell the inevitable had an effect on the markets.

The North, seemingly wishes conflict. And has done so for years. They were the ones that torpedoed the South Korean vessel, a few days ago - and then claimed that they didn't do it.. Today the south took steps to increase sanction and bring about diplomatic parity but it all fell away like water from a duck's back.

In "1984", there is a backstory conflict between EastAsia and WestAsia. Society would be interrupted by telecast from Big Brother - who would appear, and warn us that the war would have a certain impact on our markets, our livelihood, or the availability of certain products. It was a veil. Fear was the primary vehicle of the war - the fear that evil would break its boundary. Fear of neglect, or want. The war was a manufactured commodity meant to keep people from escaping their boundary. The ever present threat became a cynical vehicle by which the masses were continually exploited.

There will be no war between the North and South. But the markets drifted downward, as if on cue ... I suppose, its easy to kill a market. And not so easy to make one.

We shall see, said the blind man.


Anonymous said…
Looks like you are going to be right about this as well.

Getting pretty sketchy over there. Good call Tb