The dry well

My grand-uncle found the water that feeds the napa valley. He could walk up and sense the water in the ground. No kidding. He died after a safari accident in the Kalahari when they only fueled up one wing of his plane. But he lived his life helping to make the world green.

Not all drilling for water involves being nice. Sometimes, also you have to drill the water out of someone else's land - thats just a fact of life. Its something we don't want to talk about, but oil companies do this as well - they ave drills that can make a 90 degree right angle turn down under the ground. Live and let die.

I am proud that I was able to make, at least for a little while - Atlanta Craigslist (personals) into a dry well. Spamford used multiple, numbered yahoo accounts. Posed as a woman. Today, the feds took Soloway out of the picture for good.

Kudos to everyone who helped bring him down. If we make every watering hole that spamford is found - a dry well. Be ruthless.You can still hunt them at craigslist . There are other places. Most of them like to hang out on the net and surf while their scripts are running. Read carefully. Think carefully. They are there, and in SL too. Do not delete anyone's real post, or destroy anyone out there without cause. Go one at a time, and see if the post mails you back fake information. With soloway gone, thats one down, 9 to go. If you are ready to play the "most dangerous game" then, come visit Spamhaus

Today is a day we should celebrate. Soloway will be someone's bitch in a federal prison now. Seriously watch your spam levels. They will perceptibly drop with this person down. Spamming is a federal crime and a felony. In the wild west that is the internet of the early 21st century, remember, all you have to do is turn the place that spamford is trying to water down - into a dry well long enough to kill off his horses. You don't have to be perfect. Two, three weeks. Let him get behind on his mortgage or something and then watch him fade into the dust.