I am not a jogger

I do not jog. I run. I think that matters. The thing is, running is endangered. You might find this hard to believe. AFter all, the number of entrants into your local 10k is surely on the rise, and every Saturday the park is packed with people prancing around in their brand-new trainers, trying to nurture their chi or look good for their wedding or whatever. Unfortunately, few if any of them are running. They're jogging, a half hearted fore-aft movement of the legs that has about as much in common with running as bowling. And with all the jogging going on out there, runners are losing the sould of their sport. A sport that started with our ancestors running down their dinner and remains to this day predator at its core. Joggers are prey. Runners are hunters. If you belong to the latter group, revel in the fact that you sit firmly atop the bipedal locomotive food chain. And run like an animal.

pearl-izumi .


Lee said…
What about walkers? I don't run or jog...I walk.

Also, I occasionally skip.
Unknown said…
Galloway walk-joggers are a collection of amino acides floating on the organic soup of humanity, yet to evolve into a recognisable life form and at risk of being destroyed by the atmosphere to drift to sea bed of obscurity.

There they will find the skippers.