I'm registered now for two triathlons one in Sept. and the other in August/a sprint and an international. So I keep my USATF ranking. So I'm in for the summer. I hit a good seven minute pace on the run and things are kind of coming down for me where I'm thinking I can do two sub 3 hr international distances (note: one is a sprint, other olympic distance here but i will just put metric on the olympic - pace marks for the other one won't count - I've already done a 2:57 olympic and a 1:23 sprint but the Tugaloo, sub 3 is a big deal - not like the flat race where I posted that number). One thing about triathlon, for what its worth is that it sets your weight down to a new zero. You know how, you like get to a certain weight and then you just stay there no matter what? Tri is one of the few things in the world that sets your weight straight down to another number and it more or less stays there. Another thing is that triathlon, unlike Marathon, can be a really great high. Marathon for me, at least my first (the ING this year) made me physically ill and want to throw up and die at the finish line. Triathlon is kind of like that but with a nice feeling afterward. I guess one of the mistakes I made in the marathon was not to bandage up my nipples. I might run another marathon. Will probably do the tris first, since I only did the marathon to try to get my running into shape. I hate running. (all the more of a paradox because I actually started out into tri, as a runner + then quickly realized I was stronger on the swim and bike.)

The only reason I posted here is just to say that the list I posted earlier is pretty much eight-sixed and that I really would want to encourage any females reading this that live in the Atlanta area that there's a really good triathlon coming up Sunday Aug. 12, - Sprint Distance, Acworth. I wanted to run this one but saw that it was a grrl power thing at the last minute so thought I shouldn't throw away the link. Also another footnote, the Team in Training stuff I did last year, I really feel good about this year. One of our friends Anita LaRaia (former Wine Editor for CNN) - her husband just came down with Leukemia. I didn't really notice it how evil leukemia really was until I ran for them and I'm grateful to have been a part of it. For anyone who wants to get into the sport, try out Team in Training its really a great way to go. I am not sure why they're all purple and everything but I do know that surgeons often wear this color these days because it hides the color of blood pretty well.

Ok, thats it for me. So much for any social life whatsoever. I'm Turner Singh in SL so - comments, questions , rude remarks on any of the above I'll be happy to help with. I am most definitely not involved in any Triathlon related activity in SL, to be sure. But definitely into surfing + we can hit the beach there any day. Later