I have here on my desk..

I have here on my desk the portfolio of a young woman, approximately 20 years of age. She is quite attractive. Her interests are in modeling and acting. The elements of her portfolio include a study in red, some outside shots, a chinese dragon lady (black wig) and a few soft focus shots, as well one sequence in a victoria's secret teddy , soft dark beige and blue. Sort of seventies colors on the teddy, actually. We discussed possible work, and she and I played out the S+M bar scene in "the matrix" where trinity first meets neo , opening sequence. She said she does better with eye contact. I required her to look away. Its the sequence in which neo must ask the right question. - do you know the question? She did well. It took about 10 tries. - I was just listening for the low breath group that trinity uses. The way she drops her voice, like someone getting ready to pull off a shot. It finally worked out. She'll be doing the voice of a simple IVR.

So the rest of the morning - I run to the bank , picked up a hardware microphone effect ( a mixing board with phantom power) that solved a technical problem my company had.

In my work I have no limits but serious penalties if I don't deliver. I can't say that I love my job, I would really like to be in an office structure , and have a regular paycheck and all my debt perfectly in order. A perfect suburban life. Two cats. A Pet. And day care. The concept is really nice. But the reality is that no-one ever got rich working for someone else, and after I topped out as a consultant - flying all over the country - and then taking, and later, quite purposefully, resigning from the big company - and given a partner with strong DBA experience, I felt that the way forward was to try to jump into upper management.

Today started out with a full-on bloody rabbit (serious) left +inside+ the home thanks to my new cat door - at the base of the stairs. Most of a dead, bloody rabbit - how does a cat take down something as big as itself?

Last night was "fun with friends and a car". So we're at the pool. I asked them drive down to a point a mile away. Then did the sprint. Desperately trying to move my carcass a mile in less than six minutes. That gear is just not there. It started getting to bee a real pain trip so I backed off and paced. So I made it to their car and then looked inside and their mileage counter read 1.5. >:) Oh, and they hid the car from the road so I couldn't see the finish line. After measuring it out ended up 1.2 mi and 9 minutes with me freaking out the whole way so thats 7:50 on the mile which honestly for an endurance athlete is semi-respectable. This would be 6 x 7:50 = 45 min 10k which is totally cool for me. Thats a qualifier to tier one in most races around here. But theres nothing quite like running down the road to someone's car and having it not appear. Lucky for me I paced. Today I'll try again. I will post video of me training , so I can check technique in the pool and on the run. All in all the days are starting to shape up and finding a good routine. At least until I head out to Black Rock or India one this year. I don't like travelling. Its wierd. I like to work. But even more I like to get paid.

So on my desk. :

    Stuff to send to DHS
    A 90k line
    Another way at a 90k line (fat chance, redux)
    Two years of financials including filing back forms.
    Tracking down some realtime hardware / for changing voice
    Building out a packet radio (no kidding) station
    Transferring someones domain into my company
    Figuring out why my voice system locks up
    Cold call the west coast prospect we've been chasing down
    Buddy up with the director of the bank
    Get voice samples from the girl for a new IVR
    Post two government reports. incl. authoring a research report.

    Burn the vision of a certain female +out+ of my head.
    Finish Dark Garden. Give me 1 hour. Good book.
    Win A 100 dollar bet with a friend. (more to come on this )
    Bike 12 Mi. at 18
    Swim 400 M and post a sub seven 1 Mile. (push the pace up)
    Write a consensual contract for someone in Second Life
    Pet my dog
    Check out Fred Thompson. Just because ACE thinks hes cool.
    ^^ if you're GOP don't trust me at all.
    ^^^^ if you're a dem, trust me even less.
    Break out my list for support and start farming it
Finally, my goals for this year (besides time goals):

    Learn how to fly single engine, the new FAA license.
    Help someone I know very much to recover herself from stroke
    Sell my horse at a big profit. Jul. 15th first show. Ribbon out.
    Travel to India, in particular, the North
    Burning Man, my first - a nice exhibit - August
    Two tris, sub 3:00 times. (registered for one,need to get reg. for another)
    Set up phase 2 for my research and submit by September

The girl whose portfolio I have I will use as voice talent. In general, if you need voice talent - I recommend not to deal with struggling actresses who will cry in a moments notice and instead use GM Voices , an Alpharetta based company that has a large retinue of voice talent. Should be a pretty fun day. Astute readers of my blog know that some of the above are carryover. Maybe we can rename this blog "American I, Dull" and then get all obsessed over what stuff gets dropped out and voted off ... exciting. Lets see how much gets done. Shall we.

UPDATE T+5 6/14/07: Well begun, is half done! - Aristotle >:) (take it one line at a time!)
UPDATE T+140 6/14/07: Rockin! Someone (referred to in several instances) lit me up a bit, with the first lines of a post elsewhere but I have yet to read it all. I will return to that. PRinting the list, and using it for action items. Fun day. I have to admit however, that the post scared me. At least the first few lines. This says alot I feel. After all, I am a person who considers Matthew Barney and his imagery high art - will read more of you tonight ms. you-know-who-you-are. :) first. work.
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