Making things right

I've screwed up a few things in the last few days so here's a post to set things right. First, I wanted to set things right between myself and mistr1ss - here's a magic cocktail napkin that you can take to the bank:

Now as best as I can understand it what they're saying is these are biomarkers of early outcome. The basic idea is that if you take a bundle of nerves in brain tissue (microtubules) and just get hit really hard, say, in a car accident or something - theres two ways to go. The bundles either drop to 150 kD , or 120. If they go to 150, which the way I think of it, is like, a rest potential like a voltage or something - then you get better. Unless you drop , there at which point the cells swell and then boom. Accidental death. The other way is to 120, which they can't hold onto and die by committing cellular programmed death.

There you go. It took a week, but now I'm semi-coherent. The doctor's name was Joe Tepas. >:)

Naturally I have alot of other places to make things right but for now I'm back at the forum + I am going to be there until 9 or so. Little ones, neighbors, anyone I could get to go with me. Oh wait - two more things. Just unrelated facts, but I want to store them here. In you. and let them grow.

  1. A joke that Dr. Tepas' wife made - "When you die, you go to Hartsfield"
  2. The brain relies on ++large++ populations of neurons acting in concert to operate and create memories - we only make shortcuts later, maybe even while we're dreaming (our REM patterns, if you compare them, compare most to animals in the hunt)
  3. This same work applies to language, perception and behavior

Misty I like your style. I didn't say I like your blog, but I like your style. Every time I see your icon I always think of that famous line from WC Fields when they asked him why he drinks so much.. he said. "Never drink waterr". And they said why and he said. "Fish piss..".


mist1 said…
Clearly, you are much smarter than I am. I'm really impressed with your cocktail napkin. No, really. Have you thought of making ASCII art on cocktail napkins? That's really impressive too.

Thanks for your unsolicited review of my style and my blog. It means a lot to me.

your blog. lets get this straight between us before we go on. it works on me like the sharpest needle.

and its loaded with pure horse.
some days too pure. other days just enough so that you leave me alive.

now, onto the rest of it. you are the smart one. you wrenched that entire riff up there out of me by being clever enough to ignore the vodka and ask me again what the good doctor confided in me. This is an early results NIH study , they have an N (see it up there, left corner?) of 500 and they are at, maybe 120. So if this is a sound result, we get it two years early.

so yep. you're the one. not me. and I was just curious - if you would -

1. how do I make it so that comments appear automatically?

2. how to delete a comment?

thanks and don't worry about the occasional dart. I am smart enough to know that I need to make you look good. I only got like 400k hits so far.
mistr1ss - is it ok to link to your blog?
mist1 said…

Please observe my Vonnegut quote on the bottom of my blog. I'll never tell what's horse and what's not. That's the beauty of it all.

Good luck with the NIH. They're closing entire departments this year.

1. Sign into Blogger. Click the settings tab. Click on comments. Scroll down to "enable comment moderation." Click "no."

2. On the comments window, click the garbage can icon. If you want to delete an entire post, go to Edit Posts and click Delete.

Also, no one needs to make me look good. I'm not insecure like that. To the contrary, I have a highly inflated sense of self. I'm happy like this.

Link away. I charge a small fee. I charge more for people who write that they don't like my blog.
oh wow I was wracking my brain trying to find the garbage can icon. I went to post back - that I i didn't see it and suddenly as I'm paging down I notice the little garbage can finally.

ok. I am a bit slow sometimes but I finally get it.

different subject. a stroke survivor today just blew my mind. I was looking at her, and i saw a basketball and a light went on and I said. hey thats gonna be fun.

so I was bouncing the basketball and then I gave it to her and said. ok. now you bounce it. but on the weak side. dysmetria. can'
t accurately gauge distance. no cognitive eff up. but can't exactly make it to the right place in space. basketballs going like / right/ left.

so then the light went on again. and I said. do it from one hand to another.

and then she did. and then the basketball stayed in about the same place.

and then it started getting good.
and so I said stop. and I said touch my nose.

and she did.

it blew my mind. i asked her to touch her nose. about 20% to 30% reduction. finger out in space. again. over here. again. all over. she drifted about a good inch and a third or so, down to about a half an inch.

then I measured it. so I got all excited, there at toys r us and I'm like, ok. let me get a pen and paper and she writes. And the letters she writes = this is the wild part - some of the letters are perfect. Almost as if she never had it. her handwriting is just shot to hell mostly, but about 4 out of the um. i guess maybe what. 17 letters , maybe 20. are all ok.

So then I said, ok. Sign your name just fast and loose. do this three times.

then she signs her name correct for the first time in a year.

I want to break that plateau thing. I won't publish my work until its broken. I reject the idea that the plateau effect exists, I believe that plateau is all about the subjects self identifcation as a cripple and then hearing it all reinforce.

this proves it. plateau can be broken.

for my subjects, I will not move forward until I get nearly 100 percent regeneration. I just dont believe stroke costs people their lives. I don't buy into the idea that a stroke is a final action against the brain and that the results of the stroke are ever permanent.

i think the thing inside us to want to help people and make them better is something we cant change.


i like your blog. >:) I am serious about how it messes me up though.

I'd better get heads down here.
I'm going to post one more and then put this little mother to sleep for a while.

it will sleep furiously.

Thank you cool misting fan.