A good mood

Alright Now I am in a very good mood. Which bothers me. Because I don't like moods. I like callerID. Who knows. Maybe its time I become a little bit more human again.

What was that latin saying - "Anything to get to lunch". Let it be known that I am really in a very nice mood. Frisky. But serious. Ride at six, run at 7. Lets do this thing. Sub Six minute mile. I used to pace my 5k sub six minute miles. I can do this.

Update: 6/13/07. Alright I'm Mellow Cat. Yesterday evening was a trip. Hail rained down on me last night. I rushed to get to the stables but I couldn't make it. We had to take cover. The storm moved in, in less than 10 minutes. I stood there under the eave of the Freemason's lodge with two other men - a dodge and an SUV and my car sheltered from the quarter and nickel sized hail breaking windshields and denting everyone up. One fellow was a hillbilly, the other from Jamaica (welcome to Atlanta) - who had never even seen hail before (*!). So we're standing on freemason land - I remarked that I saw, my first ad from the Freemasons (the one on youtube where ben franklin is talking about how the freemasons have always found good men) that same day. So I asked because 2B1ASK1 right - and he said something about an initiation. I remember when I can look straight into the center of a man's eye. It was an interesting moment. Apparently if I am to join, I will have to have some backer to get in. Not even hail cutting the limbs off the trees moved me away from the new zero. Any shining happy fantasy that I am in fact in a good mood snaps quickly under control when I try to do the sub six minute pace. The best golf I have ever played is when I simply get down to the business of shotmaking and the flat blade. I don't have to be happy and everything doesn't have to be perfect. So I get a bit keen when things look like this. After all the business is really falling apart. I have to get things going there. Its funny though. Thats all just money. I can deal with that. A good round, almost unlike anything else in life, has a feel to it that stays with you nearly forever. Golf is a four letter word. I think its nice to have just one moment where I am not some kind of way out abstract person but someone who has a big family and a strong wife and happy kids and an estate. Who knows. Maybe one day I will also get a nice new 6'3" tri fin from G+S. Some tasty seven foot hollow lefts. Man. Surfing. Golf. Makes triathlon look lame. Maybe its because, truly.. Mellow Cat rules.


Liquid said…
Was just surfing the net and found your blog. Very interesting!