They're on their way to mexico

They're on their way to mexico and I am on my way to the beach after - count 'em FIVE double vodkas (5 fingers). Last night. Almost a half a bottle. I did rather well all things considered... I ended up with the pre-results of an NIH study in my pocket and some cool conversations with an artist in the bar who was building something called holophonic sound.. (says only works with headphones). And I showed a cool magic trick to the senior entertainment editor and writer for - wife of my brothers best friend. She's supposed to head out here and read our blogs for the answer... but i will keep it a secret for a while

I'm a good drunk. I dance. I play. I don't do mean stuff. I'm good for another year. Man, what a great way to get drunk though. I was chilling out looking at the slide show and listening to the music in one ear, ipod in the other. That was the first three - It was sublime. Then off to the dance when the bride mentioned whether or not the music works for me + I partied with my dads old fishing buddy and some girls. And one of my dads childhood friends too and some people just gathered around. Hey. It was a party!

Have to tell you this. One of the coolest send-offs ever. An 18 hand percheron (looks like a clydesdale) horse drawn carriage with "just married" on the back. Beautiful black and silver harness. Everyone held up sparklers in the southern night .

Nice wedding. Our family took the crane cottage and it was all told, 320 people. I really enjoyed meeting alot of my brothers friends, some for the first time. I am heading off to the beach. I don't have hangovers mostly except for Jaegermeister. Once I had some jaegermeister, I swear, the next day my skin was blue.

I wanted to add, the most exciting conversation I had were with friends of my father /old family friends who now live in Pennsylvania. Two gentlemen, two doctors , rapier wit. Shared war stories with them, I was very, very young when I knew them and I really enjoyed hanging out with them. They were fun people when I was a little one, and they are still fun now. I can vaguely recall (the 4th FULL GLASS of vodka) there was a cute couple that were attending SCADS and he had figured out how to make sound not only left and right channel but front and back. He said something about how he uses a microphone setup and records two mikes. Fun. So I'm good for another year. >:)


mist1 said…
Tell me more about the NIH study. Did they mention me at all?

well the NIH study was a validator .

the idea was, if I remember correctly that if someone is like, severely brain damaged (this is so much fun talking about when you're really ripped, trust me) like when they've had a hatchet or something stuck in their head - seriously. this guy was a doc.

ok. so, anyway, severe, bad brain damage. ok. the alpha-2 spectrum of the microtubule bundle of the axon, rest potential comes up, before the damange like, 238 kdahl.

Then, theres two ways to go.
rest potential drops to 150, calapin oncosis. drops way down to 120, on a different path, apoptosis.

now I'm a physics guy so I just understand we've got like, two different values for electric field on the axon (not the sheath, no protein, just the nerve itself - the bundle).

and so what happens is if i get it right.. god its hard to remember... um. ok. if the 150 number hits, which is a slightly higher number, then drops. you die.

but if the lower number hits. then you come back up. you live.

I think that was it.
can't remember much.
when I get drunk things happen in flash sequence.

i think i'd remember you if i was drunk. i'd probably remember the tattoo on your right leg. inside upper thigh. six inches long, 4 wide. black ink.

i have a wierd mind. it works when it shouldn't and I sleep very very well. i think I can make it to my doctorate degree if I can just turn this company around.

i dreamed last night the same dream. that opening scene from garden state.
things to do

1. never comment on my own blog
2. get my own tattoo