iScream youScream

Happy I-day! Today's the day I pick up my new phone. Seriously considering ditching my old phone number because people were always making fun of it. (too many 4's). I've seen and worked with alot of phones. At one point our company built software for them for endpoint / distributed speech but we backed off to server based recognition. With the iPhone we're talking iPod class battery life. Thats important. Most other phones in this class were DOA because of the battery. I think 10 days standby/ 8 hours continuous talk. Ah. If only there were a clean, nice Blog brought to you in amazing Technicolor(tm) that would fit nicely on the screen. I have just been greenlighted to go pick one up, on my way to the forum +da kine+. Hui o' hee nalu. >:)

A few snippets of conversation I heard at the stables yesterday - me and the mayor - him: "To get (a particular legislative item done), there will need to be a constitutional amendment. I think they're forming an exploratory committee - would you like to be on it..?" Mad scientist smiles.. And another quote , to a girl who works there.. me: "If you had to kill someone for a million dollars, would you?" - her: "Oh, no. I would never kill an innocent person for money". me: "I didn't say innocent. I said kill". her: "Oh, hell yeah!" So, at any rate, off to the big forum - goes on until 9:30 and definitely bring friends. Politics makes friends with benefits take on a whole new meaning.. polly says..
Its still we the people, right? >:)