Shill for MyDD

I have been at myDD. for about three years. I I never once wrote a single piece anywhere or commented on any other blog, for the entire three years I've been blogging, except there. Its the best political blog on the net, if you want to look under the hood.

I am a political independent; I see political calculus in the light of institutionalized and systematic issues in American representative democracy that have subtracted our ability to cast our lot with any one party. Having lived in NM when Bill Richardson was in congress, seeing what Bill has done for New Mexico, and just in general, liking people who ride horses and lose lots of weight - I am writing my first diary about him. But I am more interested in the thread, honestly , than in attempting some political statement about American politics. I have always taken a keen interest in American political landscapes, however, at heart I am an Anarchist and will never be completely happy with it all until the president of the United States holds meetings from a tee-pee in a meadow above the Pajarito caldera and the US FDA has a wing dedicated to classifying herbs and supplements. The government that governs best, wrote Thomas Jefferson, is that government which governs the least.

That said, here's hoping I can find something out there worth writing about in the coming silly season just before this years radically foreshortened primary season. Word on the street is that the GOP is going to get its gates crashed by Fred Thompson in about three weeks. Guiliani is a dead duck. McCain can still pull it off, for the elephants, if he can find a way to re-pronounce the phrases that labelled him "maverick" after all that leather polish rubbed off on his tongue from jerry falwell's boot. I am NOT calling McCain a boot licking toady. Ok. Well maybe. WTF. His whole tour of the Green zone showing how safe it is, him in a bulletproof vest with three black hawks circling his head. Lets say its far from "mission accomplished". Someone from the GOP is going to pin down the bush republicans in their own party. The GOP is a darwinistic aristocracy. Once they have their de-facto nominee, les joues sont fait. I enjoy the GOP because its full of people that don't pull their punches. And this year, I'm definitely writing about the democrats because its their race to lose. Good on you Fred, well begun is half done. PS. Don't anyone talk to me about hillary because talk show hosts are just hollywood entertainers who, when the time came, couldn't get it up.

So the post is about Bill Richardson. I have heard so many interesting theories about how he will fail, despite the fact that he's now skyrocketed to the top tier in just a month and is seriously outraising people in (i think obama and him are battling for like, 20-30 percent each if I remember the statistic correctly) california - which is huge, because california is the most wealthy state of the union. I am convinced that this candidate will always be approachable in a way that the signing statements can't change. In fact, he may just do away with them, which would be even more cool since presidents shouldn't be allowed a veto-proof way to attach their own anonymous rider to a bill.

I don't vote for someone because I want them to color my legislation. I vote for them because they have essentially a neutral tone, that allows the legislation to come from the people. It is my interest to see American politics track back towards democracy. The silly season comes your way August 1, when Fred announces and all heck breaks loose.